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We have been working with whole families, infants, kids and pregnant women in Rochester since 2009. 


We are dedicated to getting to the root cause to provide care that will help you live your best life possible. 


At Health & Healing Chiropractic, our greatest passion is helping families enjoy the best health possible that comes with a properly functioning nervous system.

Rochester chiropractor Dr. Kathy Olvera loves to help children and their parents get well and stay well through safe and drug-free chiropractic care. The combination of her expertise and passion come together to provide results that last.

Get to the Root Cause

At our office we are committed to getting to the root cause and removing its interfering effect.  There are no exploratory adjustments implemented where we wait and hope that you feel better. 
With our state of the art technology we measure the location, magnitude and severity of your nervous system imbalance and from there determine if you will benefit from our care. 
Together, if you are a candidate we will tell you exactly how frequent, how long and how much.  We will focus on thorough healing, encourage you to become active and help you and your family discover how health and wellness really feels. Ready to get started?

Meet The Team

Our staff creates a truly welcoming experience.

Our goal is to make you feel right at home.

Dr. Kathy



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