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Newborns & Children


  • Gentle infant adjustments and cranial work for infants helps to relieve trauma from the birthing process.

  • It is very common for babies to sleep during their entire adjustment.

  • Dr. Kathy has taken many hours of additional training in pediatric adjusting, and has adjusted her own children from birth at just a couple hours old.

  • Adjustments during a child's first year are recommended right after birth, at developmental mile stones, any time there is a fall or illness, or if you notice abnormal behaviors such as difficulty latching, infrequent bowel movements, forceful suckling, colic, unequal movements of the head or limbs, and reflux.

  • There are many reasons children come into our office including: overall wellness, ear infections, asthma, eczema, allergies, delayed milestones, and general colds.

  • We make chiropractic FUN for kids and wait until your child feels completely comfortable in the office before they begin care. We have adjustable stuffed animals like Elmo, Cookie Monster and Curious George that help get your child acquainted with the fun process of getting adjusted.